Four Ways Management Consultants Can Help Oil and Gas Companies Look to the Future

In today’s “lower for longer” commodity pricing environment, even the best positioned oil and gas companies are experiencing market challenges. Despite these challenges, executives should not lose sight of opportunities to make transformative changes that can help them derive greater value from their businesses. To emerge from this prolonged scenario stronger than before, executives should look at fortifying areas of their businesses through sustainable cost reduction strategies as well as capital and workforce management. Lower energy prices may leave some of the heavily indebted producers vulnerable as interest payments swallow up cash. Some of those organizations may have little choice but to sell, find partners, or recapitalize themselves, creating a need for advisors to guide them through this. By taking a closer look at the following four areas with the help of management consulting expertise, companies can begin to see value, savings and greater efficiency in their operations, thus allowing them to focus on thriving.
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From Assessment to Action: Extending the Role of Management Consultants in Oil & Gas

Whether it’s the need for manpower, cost savings, or an outside perspective, the impetus behind companies bringing in consultants is obvious – they’re looking for that competitive edge. One way to do that is to gain insight from the oil and gas industry’s heavy hitters. These experts are valuable because they bring a fresh pair of eyes to each environment. Often, they also offer a more holistic viewpoint of the industry, having likely worked across numerous companies and in varying capacities. This broad, outsider opinion helps consultants recognize ailing processes and recommend paths that allow companies to improve them. Something puzzling, however, is that a consultant’s job typically ends once the strategy is established or the assessment stage is complete.  How much more value could be realized if consultants saw their plans come to fruition.
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Ending Our Oil Addiction is Crucial to Stopping Future Terror Attacks

Our dependence on oil has a sinister side that we tend to lose sight of: Some of that oil we consume — 18 million barrels a day in the United States alone — provides a revenue source for extremist groups to carry out deadly terrorist attacks.
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