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Oilfield Water Management Planning for Unconventional Oil & Gas Plays

With water scarcity a major concern of many oil and gas operators, new water management planning techniques and engineered water solutions are being developed that allow for produced water to be treated and reused to decrease fresh water consumption and disposal requirements in Unconventional Oil and Gas (“UCOG”) plays.  By satisfying a portion of oilfield water demands with reused production water, is it possible for operators, to reduce fresh water consumption while still reducing costs?  The answer is yes with the proper water management strategy. Continue reading

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Managing Employee Fatigue in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas is a business that does not sleep. Companies in the industry operate 27/7/365 from exploration and production, to transportation, to refining and distribution. But even though the business doesn’t sleep, its employees do sleep, or at least they need to in order to work safely and efficiently.
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A Wake-Up Call for US Independent Producers

There is no question that the last nine months have been witness to some extraordinary price activity in the crude oil markets. Beginning last year, the US E&P segment in general, and independent producers in particular, were adversely affected by the tremendous drop in prices from Q4 2014 to early Q1 2015. Since then, there has been an almost equally rapid “bounce” from the low $40s/bbl to the present level in the high $50s-low $60s/bbl (West Texas Intermediate, “WTI”). E&P companies—especially those independent producers and operators who entered the business after 2010—must now adjust to a new regime in which prices will exhibit significant volatility.
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