U.S. Energy Policies are Affecting Investment Decisions

The recent announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the U.S. will reduce CO2 emissions from coal generation by 30% from 2005 levels by the year 2030 is the latest in a number of policy and regulatory decisions that have and will continue to affect the energy supply and demand balance in the U.S.
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Energy Exports: Slow and Steady will Win the Race

The Commerce Department’s recent decision to allow two U.S.-based companies to export processed condensate is seen by some as a precursor to a complete overhaul of the crude oil export ban that has been in place for decades.
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Texas Christian University

Energy Realities

It is a reality that our world continues to demand and use more and more resources. Global population has increased to 7 billion with projections of 9 billion in just a few years. We have learned that economic and social stability relies on having a sufficient supply of at least three critically important resources: food, water and energy. Shortage of even one of these and a country is subject to buying (importing) on the open market. Can anyone imagine the U.S. having to buy food and/or water? But yet, we have become all to accustomed to being a nation that buys energy to help meet our expectations as a world economic leader and powerful international ally.
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