Artificial Intelligence in Upstream Oil and Gas

Increased use of machine learning technology is driving growth in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption. By 2020, it is estimated the market will be worth over $5 billion. Oil and gas is one of the key industries expected to reap rewards from AI, though adoption is slow compared to other sectors.
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Hydraulic Fracturing and the Water Environment

Hydraulic fracturing to obtain oil and natural gas has had a very positive impact on making the United States energy independent.  However, there are water related issues associated with the hydraulic fracturing process such as: water withdrawals; groundwater contamination associated with well drilling and production; wastewater management; truck traffic and its impacts on water quality; surface spills and leaks; and stormwater management.  Two of the most critical issues are water withdrawals and wastewater management.
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Topic of Discussion

Downhole Water Detection and Measurement – Not a One-Size-Fits-All Process

Water is a significant by-product of the production of oil and gas – in some cases, accounting for up to 95% of produced fluids. The resulting reduction in revenues, coupled with the costs of water treatment and safe disposal, can render a well uneconomic – and even stop production altogether. But conventional techniques for monitoring the production profile of a well to enable troubleshooting are less effective in the increasing number of horizontal wells. Gaining insights into water production and location of inflows requires a number of trade-offs to be considered spanning accuracy, technology selection, measurement location and of course, cost. So what options are currently available to operators of oil and gas wells and what challenges remain?
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