Energy Exports: Slow and Steady will Win the Race

The Commerce Department’s recent decision to allow two U.S.-based companies to export processed condensate is seen by some as a precursor to a complete overhaul of the crude oil export ban that has been in place for decades.
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Texas Christian University

Energy Realities

It is a reality that our world continues to demand and use more and more resources. Global population has increased to 7 billion with projections of 9 billion in just a few years. We have learned that economic and social stability relies on having a sufficient supply of at least three critically important resources: food, water and energy. Shortage of even one of these and a country is subject to buying (importing) on the open market. Can anyone imagine the U.S. having to buy food and/or water? But yet, we have become all to accustomed to being a nation that buys energy to help meet our expectations as a world economic leader and powerful international ally.
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Bio S.I. Technology

Taking the “Dirty” Out of Oil Spills

Spills and leaching are unfortunate realities for the oil and gas industry. Some estimates put the volume of crude oil spilled per year in the hundreds of millions of gallons. Most of this spilled oil is not the result of large events, but is the sum of many small events.   Advances in technology, of course, have lessened the frequency, scale, and overall impact of spills, but we still have much room for improvement.
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