Bridging the Gap Between Small & Large Oil Companies Through Digital Oilfields

Digital oilfield technology (DOF) is an increasingly crucial aspect of upstream oil and gas companies’ operations.  Growth in this industry is expected to increase more than 40% over the next three years as small and medium sized producers adopt digital oilfield technology and larger producers already utilizing it continue to enhance and develop its’ capabilities.
While the benefits to of digital oilfield technology are becoming increasingly clear after almost a decade of experimentation, the steps necessary to achieve this are less understood.  There are several challenges that are constantly being encountered.  These include: understanding which of the solutions and technologies available are best suited for an organizations needs, integrating existing data onto a uniformed platform to be used in analytic programs, information sharing, establishing real-time communication, data processing in order to minimize reaction time, and facilitating organizational transition to a more advanced and capable operating level.

In response to these challenges and industry trends, IQPC will be hosting the first ever Digital Oilfields USA Summit this December 9th-11th in Houston, Texas to address the most pertinent issues and share best practices from top industry players, oil and gas producers, academics and consultants directly involved in the application of digital oilfield technology.  Digital Oilfields USA Summit content, selected exclusively at the request of upstream E&P operators and technicians, will aim to provide insightful and relevant information about how upstream organizations can successfully implement and more effectively utilize DOF technology for the purposes of maximizing reserve discovery and production, managing operating costs and increasing organizational collaboration. To view the expected attendee snapshot click on

Sourced through a rigorous screening process, the speakers  for Digital Oilfields USA Summit represents individuals with direct hands-on experience in the application of multiple aspects of the DOF.  Notable speakers include:

▪ Sushma Bhan – Global Manager WRFM & Production Technical Data Management at Shell
▪ Randy Reddemann – Process Excellence Advisor at EP Energy
▪ Tim Barnes – Chief Architect and Head of Enterprise Architecture at Devon Energy.
▪ View the brochure at for the full speaker lineup.

In addition, independent consultants Dutch Holland and Jim Crompton, with decades of combined experience in DOF technology and authors of a book on the subject, will be presenting and leading a workshop on how to complete a digital oilfield project on target, on time and on budget.

To join us at Digital Oilfields USA Summit this December 9th-11th in Houston, Texas register online at with code “DO_EVNTART” to receive a 20% discount. Also, feel free to contact Alysha Malik directly at 646-253-5526 or [email protected].


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