Oil & Gas Industry’s Most Wanted

The in-demand skills and jobs during this turbulent time in the market
The past year has brought significant turbulence to the oil and gas industry in major U.S. markets and throughout the world. Subsequently, the hiring landscape has shifted as certain projects have been postponed or abandoned to offset costs.
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Six Skills Oil and Gas Companies are Seeking in Employees

The well-worn expression “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” from our old Greek friend Heraclitus, could not be more true or pronounced than it is today. Over the last half century global energy development and exploration has gone through considerable change. Not only have there been vast advances in technologies, materials and processes, we have seen extreme volatility in commodity markets, increased environmental regulation and a strong push toward better consultation with First Nations stakeholders.
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Matching People to the New Oil Reality

To achieve business goals safely, and effectively extract reserves as quickly as possible, people, assets, oil and gas organisations and third-party contractors need to pull together. It is of course the people that are most important to achieving these aims, and it is the people that present maybe the biggest challenge. There has been rapid industry expansion and now, with the drop in oil prices, rapid contraction of employee numbers. Firstly there was a skills shortage, and now, with the pressing need to cut expenses in the face of dropping commodity prices, the industry cannot seem to offload its employees fast enough.
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House Doctor: Accommodating Expatriates in South Korea without the Headaches

Availability may have improved in recent months, but those responsible for securing suitable expat accommodation around South Korea’s shipyards should not be lulled into a false sense of security. High costs and low transparency make navigating the country‘s property market without the right local support a costly business.
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