Need for New Ideas, Even in a Time of Tight Cash

The collapse in oil price in the second half of 2014 has brought a sharp cash crunch to the industry. R&D spending in oil and gas rose over the last decade, following prices and as companies have taken on more complex and challenging projects. By 2013, leading researchers and developers in the oil and gas sector were spending over $15 billion annually, double that of a decade earlier.
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Energy Exports: Slow and Steady will Win the Race

The Commerce Department’s recent decision to allow two U.S.-based companies to export processed condensate is seen by some as a precursor to a complete overhaul of the crude oil export ban that has been in place for decades.
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Breaking Ground: Will Brits Cheer or Curse This American Export?

The United Kingdom is in trouble, and an American export could be just the thing that’ll help—now it remains to be seen whether this export will be welcomed or rejected.
The UK suffered a sobering gas shortage last winter and experts expect another shortfall this winter. How can this be happening to a nation that is the largest oil producer and second largest gas producer in the European Union? It’s the same phenomenon we’re seeing in Egypt: locked into long-term export contracts, these nations now don’t have enough resource to fulfil their own needs. The UK has been importing oil and gas since 2004/2005, and now production from the North Sea is on the decline.
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Breaking Ground: Dangerous U.S. Export or Path to Prosperity?

As the United States stands on the brink of becoming an energy-independent nation, thanks to the vast shale gas and oil reserves now accessible through hydraulic fracturing, environmental groups warn other countries against succumbing to the lure of this “dangerous American export.”

Some countries, like France, have simply banned the practice, while others are eager to fully develop the potential of their reserves—a potential that only promises to grow as new discoveries and technologies increase the inventory of recoverable gas reserves.
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