Newest Bans Offer Important Insight

One thing the oil and gas industry has a lot of is money.
So, if all it took was big money, every proposed fracking ban would be roundly defeated.
Yet, in Richmond, CA, an estimated $3 million in outside funding failed to dissuade voters from imposing a proposed ban.
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Shaky Claims: Hydraulic Fracturing Is Causing Earthquakes

The term “fracking”—short for hydraulic fracturing—has become a buzzword throughout the United States. Proponents of the technology celebrate oil and natural gas production as a means of reducing energy prices and stimulating economic growth, while opponents of the well-completion technique voice environmental concerns, among them the fear hydraulic fracturing will usher in a new era of manmade earthquakes.
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Stepping Up to the Challenge: How Local Communities in the Utica Shale Play are Taking Advantage of the Boom

By now, all of us have heard about the far-reaching effect that shale fracking has had on our national energy policy. What is less clear is its impact on the many rural communities around the country that overlie the oil and gas-rich shale. Many of these areas have seen the shale boom as a sort of saving grace: one that promises good jobs and prosperity in regions where high poverty and unemployment have lingered for generations. Conversely, many shale communities are discovering that the shale boom is not without its challenges.
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Fracking on Tribal Lands Fracked by Federal Government

When the nasty smear of “Indian giver” was first slung in the 1700s, it was mistakenly applied to Native Americans due to misunderstanding of their bartering practices. Today, the same smear could be more accurately used against the U.S. government.
What else can we call it when the federal government first “grants” small parcels of the land that once belonged to the tribes, agrees to tribal sovereignty, and then federally restricts what the tribes can do with their supposedly sovereign lands, to the detriment of the tribes?
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