Need for New Ideas, Even in a Time of Tight Cash

The collapse in oil price in the second half of 2014 has brought a sharp cash crunch to the industry. R&D spending in oil and gas rose over the last decade, following prices and as companies have taken on more complex and challenging projects. By 2013, leading researchers and developers in the oil and gas sector were spending over $15 billion annually, double that of a decade earlier.
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Newest Bans Offer Important Insight

One thing the oil and gas industry has a lot of is money.
So, if all it took was big money, every proposed fracking ban would be roundly defeated.
Yet, in Richmond, CA, an estimated $3 million in outside funding failed to dissuade voters from imposing a proposed ban.
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For Better or Worse, JOBS Act Relaxes Some Securities Laws

Small oil and gas businesses are faced with the same challenges as their larger counterparts. For example, all oil and gas companies need viable sources of capital. However, small oil and gas companies do not have the war chest to avail themselves to the same sources that larger companies have, such as the capital markets.
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