Newest Bans Offer Important Insight

One thing the oil and gas industry has a lot of is money.
So, if all it took was big money, every proposed fracking ban would be roundly defeated.
Yet, in Richmond, CA, an estimated $3 million in outside funding failed to dissuade voters from imposing a proposed ban.
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What’s Next for America’s Biggest Oil & Gas Producing States: Kansas

When you think of oil and gas, steadily producing states like Kansas can easily be overlooked in comparison to powerhouses like Texas and North Dakota. Yet, Kansas has been on the uptick in oil and gas production over the past decade, consistently placing it as one of the top 10 oil-producing states.
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Gridlock, or Bipartisan Consensus? Time will Tell

It is difficult to predict how the GOP’s midterm election gains will impact domestic energy policy in the coming years.
Will gridlock continue? Or will President Obama and Congressional Republicans take a more bipartisan approach than we’ve seen over the past six years – especially as it relates to key energy issues such as Keystone XL and oil exports?
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NatGas the Red-Headed Stepchild in Transportation

When it comes to cleaner transportation fuel alternatives, natural gas gets about as much play as a red-headed stepchild. Chalk it up to another case of the oil and gas industry doing a terrible job of framing the story.
Vehicles powered by natural gas could save consumers big time ($1.00 to $1.50 per gallon currently) while also having a beneficial impact on greenhouse gas emissions, yet environmentalists and legislators continue to give all their love to electric vehicles.
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