Bridging the IIoT gap: How Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) can Work Together

As companies across the energy value chain look for ways to become more efficient and agile, the Industrial “Internet of Things” (IIoT) offers attractive opportunities. Harnessing sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and Big Data analytics enables oil and gas companies to take automation and efficiency to new heights, while creating the foundation for new business models. [Read more…]

Big Oil, Big Data: Game-Changing Opportunities Available in Today’s Digital Oilfield

The oil and gas industry is in the midst of a seismic shift. A recent Wall Street Journal article summarized the challenge and opportunity: “When a barrel of oil fetched $100 or more, energy companies were focused on drilling wells and pumping crude as fast as they could. But now that prices have settled around $50 a barrel, companies are focused on optimization, efficiency and reliability—getting the most petroleum for the least amount of money. And many are turning to advanced technology for help.”
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Enterprise Content Management, Information Technology, and the Successful E&P Organization

This is an exciting time to be involved in exploration and production (E&P). The discovery of significant fields (in both new regions and old), the development of new E&P techniques, and the evolution of established ones have contributed to a significant boom in the oil and gas (O&G) industry, one that shows signs of continuing at least for the next few years.
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Oil & Gas Mobility: The Business Value of Taking a First Step

Previously we have talked about the value of building and coordinating a mobile strategy for the enterprise. Ultimately, your company has to take the mobility IT plunge. There’s real value in speed, cost of operations and competitive advantage in familiar situations. Consider the business value of collaboration with offsite experts or quick access to data analytics:
Scenario 1: Company A is pushing to complete the final site preparations for a drilling project. The on-site crew discovers a wildlife habitat that will have to be protected. The paper intensive process to adhere to compliance rules is put into motion. The HSE team must now document, report and begin activity to adjust site planning, thus impacting project execution. Resulting in a longer critical path for the project. Meanwhile, all work is suspended until the HSE process is complete.
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