Cure for Industry Hiccups: Congressional Action

While OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and Saudi Arabia hope to have delivered a fatal blow to the American oil and gas industry in the form of unflagging production levels despite the current glut of oil on the market, the reality is more akin to a hiccup.
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The State of Natural Gas Flaring

Flares have been used in petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as in oil field development on and offshore for many years. Growth of domestic oil and gas production increased the presence of flares in the U. S. over the last decade, and the rapid development of shale plays spread the use of flares across the country. With the increased prevalence of these disposal systems, it is vital to ensure flares are properly designed and deployed, while also complying with federal, state and local regulations.
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Things that Go Bump in the Night: Litigation Risks that Leave Oil and Gas CEOs Sleepless

When oil executives turn in for the night, despite daily efforts to cross T’s and dot I’s, they know the road ahead is paved with legal risk. With the advent of innovative horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies, exploration and production companies are actively engaged in a hot pursuit for oil from shale plays in an environment fraught with legal and regulatory uncertainty.
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The Top Three Issues That Keep Energy Company Executives up at Night

Even in times of plenty, successful energy executives, like chess players, have to plan many steps ahead, envisioning alternative scenarios, planning to prevent negative occurrences, and anticipating solutions for problems that may occur despite the best-laid plans. Some of the worst crises that could derail the most comprehensive and effective business strategy are:

  • Loss of a key employee or employees
  • Land rights and royalty disputes
  • Excessive regulation of fracking

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