Oiling the Squeaky Wheels of Lower Prices

2016 will be the year oil companies have to figure out how to live with lower prices—or go bust. I predict that oil companies will hunker down and find innovative ways to weather the low price storm, which appears to be far from over.
The United States’ oil production boom was accompanied by a painful oil price bust in 2015, and the near future looks less than bright for oil exploration and production companies.
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Oil and Gas Industry Moving Forward

Oil and gas industry participants don’t know whether to be happy or sad to see 2015 wind down, even though it was a bad year. As bad as it was, apocalyptic predictions for massive bank redeterminations that would send firms into bankruptcy or force them to sell at fire-sale prices didn’t happen. But what does it say when avoiding bankruptcy is the good news?
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20 Tips for Your Next Oil & Gas Restructuring

The oil and gas industry is cyclical, and the cycle is turning to restructuring.  At least that’s the position a lot of people are taking, and the restaurants in Houston are full of restructuring professionals again.  Although the expected bankruptcy tsunami hasn’t really hit, there has been an uptick in oil and gas chapter 11 filings.  Here are some quick tips to consider in distressed situations, for five different players:
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Energy 2015 – Five Developments to Watch in the US and Beyond

What does 2015 have in store for the energy industry? Making predictions is always a difficult proposition, and trying to predict the price of crude is a daunting task. As they say, if you are going to forecast, forecast often.
But looking back on events and activities this past year gives us some comfort to forecast the trends and “big picture” happenings that we’ll likely see in 2015. So, here are my thoughts on the top five energy industry developments to be aware of next year – regardless of whether the price of crude oil goes up or down:
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