Managing Hydrofracking Data in Cloud

Why Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant

There is little dispute in both scientific and business communities that groundwater protection and water usage in general at hydrofracking sites provide the biggest challenges for this young and promising industry. To date, criticism of fracking has focused mainly on concerns that the chemicals energy companies are mixing with the water could contaminate underground aquifers. Although hydrofracking has been used for decades, the technology has become more powerful and more widely used in recent years, producing far more wastewater and attracting much more public and regulatory scrutiny. The hydrofracking process involves injecting large amounts of water, mixed with sand and chemicals, at high pressures to break up rock formations and release the gas or oil. If not used properly, hydrofracking carries the potential to contaminate groundwater.

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The Rise of System Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry – Space to Energy

After the BP Macondo Gulf of Mexico blowout leading to the world’s worst man-made environmental disaster, engineering experts responsible for the energy industry’s health, safety and environmental areas are reassessing current process safety methodologies versus system safety approaches. While the designers of modern technical systems strive to eliminate all hazards that may be associated with the operation of their equipment, the reality is that hazardous operations, processes, and equipment cannot be avoided, especially in oil and gas operations. As a result, we must provide a management process whereby these systems can be operated in a safe manner in spite of their hazard potential. This management process is called Systems Safety. As has been developed and demonstrated after NASA’s shuttle program, this approach and process has lead to the development and implementation by the safest team and culture on the planet.
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Enterprise Asset Management

For economic, political and environmental reasons, the oil and gas industry comprises one of the most critical and complex systems on earth. It is literally the fuel that drives much of the world and is linked to nearly every other system, from transportation to retail, from water to food.
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