Six Predictions on How the Oil & Gas Industry Will be Further Transformed by the Digital Economy

The recent fall in commodity prices has hit upstream oil and gas companies hard, impacting cash flow and restricting their ability to continue investing in high-risk projects. There is a pronounced shift from volume to value as they focus more on increasing the efficiency of existing assets rather than developing new ones. And yet, technology adoption has fueled massive shifts in global demographics, wealth, and consumer engagement. To thrive in these trying economic times, and be strategically positioned to capitalize on future prospects, it is critical that oil and gas businesses invest in developing a technology infrastructure that provides sustainable operational improvements, captures best practices and creates connections throughout the entire ecosystem. [Read more…]

The Digital Future is Now: Executive Talent Implications of Digital in Oil & Gas

Digitization is challenging the status quo of every industry across the globe, including Oil & Gas (O&G), where digital automation and technological advancements are helping to drive improvements in productivity, reinventing the sector. Oil & gas companies are looking for leaders to guide them through digital transformation as demand for tech-savvy talent continues to grow, giving rise to new positions of prominence such as the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), while mandating evolution of the more traditional roles including CIOs and CTOs. To attract and retain the right candidates to fill these positions, it is important to understand the growing role that digital technology is playing within the oil & gas industry, and the evolving skill set needed at the leadership level to fill knowledge gaps and take full advantage of ensuing growth opportunities.
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Optical Fibers in Oil & Gas; Sensing at the Speed of Light

Most readers will be familiar with the idea of optical fibers as forming the foundation of today’s global telecommunications network. Since the appearance of the first low-loss optical fibers in the early 1970s, the technology has also led to the development of a range of sensors having unique properties and capabilities. This article is a brief overview of the principles behind those sensors, how (and why) they are being deployed today in the global oil & gas industry, and what’s on the horizon.
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Need for New Ideas, Even in a Time of Tight Cash

The collapse in oil price in the second half of 2014 has brought a sharp cash crunch to the industry. R&D spending in oil and gas rose over the last decade, following prices and as companies have taken on more complex and challenging projects. By 2013, leading researchers and developers in the oil and gas sector were spending over $15 billion annually, double that of a decade earlier.
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