Pipeline Safety: First, Last and Always

In an October 2013 article, CBC News reported that by 2011, safety-related pipeline incidents, ranging from fires to spills, increased from 45 total incidents in 2000 to 142 in 2011. Of equal importance to the number of incidents being reported is the headlines they are making. For example, in April 2014, a Canadian crude oil and natural gas company spilled 70,000 litres of oil and water near Slave Lake, Alberta. Two years earlier, another oil company dumped 461,000 litres of oil into the Red Deer River — which came on the heels of a spill of 4.5 million litres by the same company near Little Buffalo in 2011. And then there was the spill by a Canadian-owned pipeline that dumped more than 3 million litres of oil into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan in 2010.
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The Need for Talent in the Oil and Gas Industry Is Booming

Here’s how to describe the need for talent in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the Southwest – it’s palpable. And, for many employers from the Dakotas to Texas, it’s proving to be a massive hiring chore.
Sure, millions of jobs – 10 million direct ones, by one estimate, and many more for industry suppliers and community businesses – have been created in the energy sector. The hiring surge has boosted employment by more than 40 percent since the recession.
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Addressing the Critical Problem of eDiscovery in the Oil and Gas Industry

Imagine you are a new executive in the oil and gas industry and of the many critical issues that you are now grappling with, the one causing you the greatest concern is electronic discovery, or eDiscovery. Of the various questions that come to mind on this issue, you are likely thinking the following: Why is eDiscovery such a problem? What can be done to get eDiscovery costs and risks under control? Can the company lawyers do more to address these problems?
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Developing Leaders Requires Investment, Effort

Is your company developing future leaders? Not just future C-suite executives, but leaders up and down the organization – strong, capable individuals who can bring people together, guide projects and deliver meaningful value?
Doing so can create a competitive advantage that will not only make your company more efficient and effective – it can also help you retain your best employees and develop a culture of collaboration and teamwork.
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Where Oil and Gas Starts, Development Follows

Everything is bigger in Texas, including energy production. Texas produces three million barrels of crude oil each day, making it the largest oil producer in the United States and the eighth largest producer in the world. The Lone Star State also produces almost 30 percent of all U.S. natural gas, and is the third largest producer of natural gas worldwide.
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