My Mom and Proof of Reasonable Risk Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing

Often faced with one of her children’s’ tortured explanations, my mother would quip, “well, anything is possible.” In the same breath, she would quickly add, “but is it likely?” With regard to hydraulic fracturing, and the recent, largely unsupported claims associated with seismicity, I would add, “even if it is possible, is the risk significant/”
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‘It’s All About that Basin, Bout Dat Basin…No Trouble (Well Maybe a Little)

Cases from the Shale Plays That Will Impact the Oil and Gas Industry

If there is a lesson to be learned from recent and pending cases in the shale plays, it might just be, “Proceed with Caution.” This is particularly true in states in the newer shale plays, like Ohio, where the local courts are revisiting settled rules governing mineral ownership, conflicts between local and state regulators, traditional lease terms, and even the very nature of oil and gas property rights. While the outcomes of these cases are unclear and sometimes even surprising, what is clear is they will impact operators far beyond the borders of the Utica and the other basins where they are decided.
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Pemex’s Makeover: What You Need to Know About Pemex’s Changing Corporate Structure

Mexico’s energy sector reformation has come in a series of waves ultimately resulting in a sea change to Mexico’s energy industry. The December 21, 2013 landmark reforms to Mexico’s Constitution were followed a short time later, on August 11, 2014, by the publication of Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company Petróleos Mexicanos (“Pemex”) new governing laws. After the dust has settled, Pemex had transformed from a one-time governmental monopoly with predominantly social functions and goals (including environmental preservation) into a dedicated productive enterprise.
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Newest Bans Offer Important Insight

One thing the oil and gas industry has a lot of is money.
So, if all it took was big money, every proposed fracking ban would be roundly defeated.
Yet, in Richmond, CA, an estimated $3 million in outside funding failed to dissuade voters from imposing a proposed ban.
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Shaky Claims: Hydraulic Fracturing Is Causing Earthquakes

The term “fracking”—short for hydraulic fracturing—has become a buzzword throughout the United States. Proponents of the technology celebrate oil and natural gas production as a means of reducing energy prices and stimulating economic growth, while opponents of the well-completion technique voice environmental concerns, among them the fear hydraulic fracturing will usher in a new era of manmade earthquakes.
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