Prediction? Pain

History may have been kinder to Mr. T had Dolph Lundgren not so badly overshadowed him.  Aside from a turn as the cuddly, milk-loving B.A. Baracus on the “A-Team,” Mr. T had a role as one of the best 80’s movie villains  as Clubber Lang in “Rocky III.”  When asked for a prediction from a reporter for the impending bout with Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, Lang glares into the camera and growls, “Prediction?  Pain.”
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The Characterization of an ORRI Conveyance in Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy court’s characterization of a debtor’s pre-petition conveyance of an overriding royalty interest (“ORRI”) has an important effect on whether that ORRI is part of an oil and gas debtor’s bankruptcy estate and, in turn, what rights the ORRI holder has with respect to that interest. If an ORRI conveyance is characterized as the transfer of a real property interest, the conveyance is generally excluded from the debtor’s bankruptcy estate and the ORRI holder’s interest may not be affected by the bankruptcy. If, however, a bankruptcy court characterizes the ORRI conveyance as a disguised financing transaction, then the ORRI holder may find itself a creditor with a claim subject to bankruptcy discharge.
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Trained Maintenance Troubleshooters can Save a Company Big Bucks

Oil and gas companies understand the value of training and how it can help them save millions of dollars by keeping their equipment operating and reducing downtime due to unexpected failures. Like any industry, oil and gas companies can improve the quality of maintenance training by focusing on troubleshooting skills. Even though lower oil and gas prices have affected earnings, companies must stay focused on training programs to better develop their people.
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“Private Equity Emerges as the Funding Source of Choice for American Oil and Gas Developers: A Law Firm Documents the Trend and Its Growing Pains”

The headlines have been relentless: oil price plunge; the billions announced in private equity oil and gas investments this winter; the unbroken and ongoing string of monthly records for American natural gas production. Something is going on in the U.S. oil and gas industry. It’s big, and it’s reshaping both the production and investing side.
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Six Predictions on How the Oil & Gas Industry Will be Further Transformed by the Digital Economy

The recent fall in commodity prices has hit upstream oil and gas companies hard, impacting cash flow and restricting their ability to continue investing in high-risk projects. There is a pronounced shift from volume to value as they focus more on increasing the efficiency of existing assets rather than developing new ones. And yet, technology adoption has fueled massive shifts in global demographics, wealth, and consumer engagement. To thrive in these trying economic times, and be strategically positioned to capitalize on future prospects, it is critical that oil and gas businesses invest in developing a technology infrastructure that provides sustainable operational improvements, captures best practices and creates connections throughout the entire ecosystem. [Read more…]