Four Hiring Trends in the Oil and Gas Sector

Sustaining the recent surge in North American production of oil and gas is dependent on how the industry balances growing demand against already strained resources. This pressure will increase as companies struggle to bridge the ever-expanding skills gap in the labor market. The increase in production and the wave of retirements expected in the sector will create 500,000 to 1 million new energy-related job vacancies over the next 10 years. With a shrinking pool of experienced applicants and power consumption in the United States expected to increase, oil and gas companies are competing in a high-stakes race to find the best employees to meet these demands.
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Stepping Up to the Challenge: How Local Communities in the Utica Shale Play are Taking Advantage of the Boom

By now, all of us have heard about the far-reaching effect that shale fracking has had on our national energy policy. What is less clear is its impact on the many rural communities around the country that overlie the oil and gas-rich shale. Many of these areas have seen the shale boom as a sort of saving grace: one that promises good jobs and prosperity in regions where high poverty and unemployment have lingered for generations. Conversely, many shale communities are discovering that the shale boom is not without its challenges.
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The Top Three Issues That Keep Energy Company Executives up at Night

Even in times of plenty, successful energy executives, like chess players, have to plan many steps ahead, envisioning alternative scenarios, planning to prevent negative occurrences, and anticipating solutions for problems that may occur despite the best-laid plans. Some of the worst crises that could derail the most comprehensive and effective business strategy are:

  • Loss of a key employee or employees
  • Land rights and royalty disputes
  • Excessive regulation of fracking

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The Unconventional Revolution – We Are Just Beginning the Journey

Unconventional development is in its infancy: With approximately 1,400 rigs drilling over 25,000 wells in 14 U.S. unconventional plays this year alone, some might suggest that several plays (most notably the Bakken and Eagle Ford, each with approximately 200 rigs, and the Permian Basin, with more than 500 rigs drilling for stacked pays) are entering the “mature” phase of development activity and are essentially fully valued in the marketplace.
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Mexico: New Opportunities in Oil and Gas

In the past few years, Mexico has been changing rapidly. The second-largest economy in Latin America, Mexico has a stable political and business environment, access to global markets andvast natural oil and gas resources. In addition, recent legal reforms open the door for private investors to participate in sectors that previously were government monopolies.
These reforms, combined with a newly revamped energy sector, are creating huge openings for private investment and development in Mexican oil and gas. As a recent multi-billion dollar financing project shows, enticing opportunities may now be found throughout Mexico’s energy supply chain for those who know how to take advantage of them.
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