Developing Leaders Requires Investment, Effort

Is your company developing future leaders? Not just future C-suite executives, but leaders up and down the organization – strong, capable individuals who can bring people together, guide projects and deliver meaningful value?
Doing so can create a competitive advantage that will not only make your company more efficient and effective – it can also help you retain your best employees and develop a culture of collaboration and teamwork.
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Where Oil and Gas Starts, Development Follows

Everything is bigger in Texas, including energy production. Texas produces three million barrels of crude oil each day, making it the largest oil producer in the United States and the eighth largest producer in the world. The Lone Star State also produces almost 30 percent of all U.S. natural gas, and is the third largest producer of natural gas worldwide.
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Glass Half Full: Three Challenges that are Opportunities for Fast-Movers

Consider three challenges for the industry, that are also opportunities for fast-movers. Technology will inevitably evolve the most valuable aspects of the business. To take advantage, Oil & Gas leaders must build a responsive organization that can scale and up down with the market and cultivate its talent. Companies that do so successfully will be able to explore new offerings and geographies but will also be able to retreat effectively.
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Shifting Structure, Sleepless Nights

For many, the shifting work landscape has caused more than a few sleepless evenings. The growth of the contingent workforce has shone light on a myriad of workforce issues that will require thoughtful solutions.
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Drilling Deeper With the Help of Predictive Analytics

“Buy land,” the American humorist Will Rogers once exclaimed. “They ain’t making any more of the stuff.”
That remark pretty much sums up why the oil & gas industry has been – and continues to be – one of the most important forces in the global economy. There’s a finite supply of the stuff and nobody is making any more of it. That’s why it’s vital for oil & gas enterprises to learn how to discover and extract what fossil fuels the planet has left.
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