Upstream Domain Expert

Holdaway-SASKeith Holdaway, upstream domain expert for the SAS Global Oil & Gas business unit, provides SAS customers and prospects with consulting expertise based on 15 years of experience as a geophysicist in the geological and geophysical (G&G) space.

His work with the Ministry of Petroleum in Saudi Arabia, British Petroleum in the United Arab Emirates and Shell Oil in Oman has provided Holdaway with a wealth of experience processing and interpreting seismic and reservoir data.

When he joined SAS in 1997 as a principal software developer, Holdaway designed architectures for customers across the mid-tier Java space.

In 2008, Holdaway joined the SAS Global Oil & Gas business unit as a domain expert focused on mapping SAS technology to the geological and geophysical space to provide significant value to SAS customers. Holdaway is also an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Holdaway is also a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.  He graduated with degrees in geology and geophysics from Durham University in United Kingdom.

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