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Chris Niven

Chris Niven

Chris Niven is responsible for thought leadership in the application of information and communications technology to oil and gas.  He brings more than 20 years of experience in IT in the context of oil and gas, and has advised super-majors, majors, independents national oil companies and oil field services companies on IT strategy, assessment and planning.  Chris’ knowledge of industry processes and systems also runs deep, touching well life cycle management, real-time operations, land/lease, capital project management and technical data management. Chris currently leads the Worldwide Oil and Gas IT Strategies practice.

Chris has experienced the oil and industry from different perspectives – as a product leader for professional service firms, a business development lead, and a business consultant owning his own consulting company.  He recently received a Big Data certification from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Houston.  Chris is a frequent blogger in the IDC Community.


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