Cyber Security for Oil & Gas 2014

Developing Holistic Preparedness For The Next Major Cyber Threat

Alysha Malik
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Introducing IQPC’s 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit, bringing together major oil & gas operating companies to discuss the challenges on the road ahead with regard to securing their operations and digital assets from cyber attacks.

Houston, Texas – (June 16, 2014) IQPC and Oil & Gas IQ today announce they will host their second annual cyber security summit for the oil and gas industry, which will be taking place June 16-18 in Houston, TX. Cyber attacks have taken a major spot in the news of late and the repercussions on US businesses, including critical infrastructure are real and getting graver as the cyber criminals become emboldened by the increased attention they receive. The event will host an impressive speaker line up that includes the CISO for the State of Texas and cyber security leaders from major oil and gas operating companies.

With revelations occurring daily on new cyber attacks and advanced malware, the need for improving cyber security efforts in the oil and gas industry is critical to continued safe and profitable operations. With new widespread advanced capability attacks such as “The Mask” and “Snake” and the proliferation of mobile device vulnerabilities being exploited expanded consideration of the cyber threats facing oil and gas companies need to be addressed. The time is ripe for oil and gas companies to turn the tide of perception as to their cyber security capabilities and prove that they are doing the adequate work to secure their share of US critical infrastructure.

The US Government is reacting to this significantly increased amount of cyber threats by increasing cyber security spending to $5 billion in 2015. This type of investment in the oil and gas industry is surely to follow with the release of the NIST cyber security framework for critical infrastructure as well as the potential for lost bids due to corporate espionage and destruction of assets through cyber breach on SCADA systems.

Join the leaders in the industry to discuss the advancements and considerations of cyber security for oil and gas companies and the means they are implementing to ensure their network security at the upcoming IQPC 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit this June 16-18 in Houston, TX.

Featured speakers at the conference include:

  • • Chris Shipp CISSP, CISM, PMP – Director of Cyber Security – DM Petroleum Operations Company
  • • Scott Langendorf – Senior Manager, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Intelligence – Baker Hughes
  • • Maurice Tayeh – VP & CIO – McDermott International
  • • Paul W. Brager Jr, MS, CISSP, CISM – IT Supervisor, Security Architecture, Risk Assessment and Cyber Threat Intel, ISGR&C – Marathon Oil
  • • Brian Engle – CISO & Cybersecurity Coordinator – State of Texas

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About the IQPC 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit
The IQPC 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit is taking place June 16-18, 2014, in Houston, TX is a must-attend event for IT and cyber security professionals in the oil and gas industry who are tasked with protecting their corporate network security. Network and discuss ideas with other industry leaders to gain valuable knowledge that can help produce actionable plans. For more information, visit

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