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2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Summit

[posted April 21, 2014]

Introducing IQPC’s 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit, bringing together major oil & gas operating companies to discuss the challenges on the road ahead with regard to securing their operations and digital assets from cyber attacks.

Houston, Texas – (June 16, 2014) IQPC and Oil & Gas IQ today announce they will host their second annual cyber security summit for the oil and gas industry, which will be taking place June 16-18 in Houston, TX. Cyber attacks have taken a major spot in the news of late and the repercussions on US businesses, including critical infrastructure are real and getting graver as the cyber criminals become emboldened by the increased attention they receive. The event will host an impressive speaker line up that includes the CISO for the State of Texas and cyber security leaders from major oil and gas operating companies.
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